Hi Kever,

On 4 February 2018 at 00:44, Kever Yang <kever.y...@rock-chips.com> wrote:
> Hi Simon, Philipp,
>     When I try to convert to live dt, I fount there are many APIs work
> in fdt are missing in live dt,
> do you have any suggestion to add these APIs in live dt quickly? I need:
> fdtdec_get_addr_size_auto_noparent

dev_read_addr_size() - not having a parent doesn't happen with livetree

> fdt_alloc_phandle

We don't support changing the live tree yet.

> fdt_device_is_available


> fdt_for_each_subnode


> fdt_getprop


> fdt_getprop_u32_default_node

This is an odd function. Can you first check that the property exists,
and then use a dev_read_...() function to read it?

> fdt_get_named_resource


> fdt_get_name

dev_read_name() - although I see that the comment is wrong

> fdt_get_path

Not available but you can add it

> fdt_get_phandle

Why do you need this?

> fdt_node_depth
> fdt_node_offset_by_phandle
> fdt_node_offset_by_phandle_node

uclass_get_device_by_phandle() or similar?

> fdt_path_offset

ofnode_path() although it does not return a device. Best avoided.

> fdt_set_phandle

You can't change the livtree at present.

> fdt_stringlist_get


> fdt_stringlist_search


> fdt_subnode_offset

Why do you want that?

> fdt_supernode_atdepth_offset

This should be found by scanning, generally using separate drivers for
each DT node.

If you like you could send a patch with the info above, to
doc/driver-model/livetree.txt to help others.

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