On 08.02.2018 17:17, Alex Kiernan wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 3:37 PM,  <ste...@agner.ch> wrote:
>> On 08.02.2018 10:35, Alex Kiernan wrote:
>>> Using fw_printenv with --noheader fails:
>>>   root@nrr-922:~# fw_printenv --noheader arch
>>>   ## Error: `-n' option requires exactly one argument
>> I think it would work with --noheader=arch
> It doesn't:
> root@nrr-922:~# fw_printenv --noheader=arch
> ## Error: `-n' option requires exactly one argument
> Probably I should fix the error too as it's misleading.

This comes from getopt_long, so I don't think you can fix it. The getopt
string in parse_printenv_args actually says argument "n" has no argument
(no colon), so it actually is surprising that it prints that...

Maybe this is from the getopt_long call in parse_common_args?

>>> Whereas -n works:
>>>   root@nrr-922:~# fw_printenv -n arch
>>>   arm
>>> The single argument it's expecting isn't taken from getopt parsing,
>>> but instead from the remaining argv arguments.
>> That makes sense. But the commit log text above is kind of unrelated/not
>> relevant, I would just use this two lines as git message.
> Happy to chop it down to the last two lines though as it does include
> the relevant details.

IMHO the error is that struct option long_options ask for an argument
whereas the optstring passed to getopt_long doesn't. The rather erratic
is not really relevant and should not be mentioned.


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