On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 7:00 AM, Andre Przywara <andre.przyw...@arm.com> wrote:
> Compared to the last post, this converts U-Boot's DTs over to use the
> new binding, so that the final patch can remove support for the old
> binding from U-Boot EMAC driver.
> The Linux DTs can be synced in later once we solved the size problem.
> ================================================
> The existing sun8i-emac driver in U-Boot uses some preliminary bindings,
> which matched our own DTs. Now that the Linux kernel got a driver, lets
> update our probe code to handle those Linux DTs as well.
> The first patch adds the missing compatible strings for the pinctrl drivers,
> which is needed for using the sunxi_name_to_gpio() lookup function.
> Patch 2/7 updates the pinctrl parser used in the sun8i-emac driver, to cope
> with the new, generic Allwinner pinctrl bindings.
> Patch 3/7 extends the probe routine in the Ethernet driver to deal
> with both the old and the new bindings.
> Patches 4, 5 and 6 update U-Boot's DTs for boards using the A64, H3 and H5
> SoC, respectively, to actually use the new binding in their EMAC nodes.
> This allows the final patch 7/7 to remove the support for the old binding
> in the EMAC driver, so we use the proper binding only.
> This series allows to copy in the DTs from the latest kernel. Unfortunately
> right now updating the DTs for the H5 and A64 breaks the build, as the
> resulting binary (which embeds the DT) gets to large and triggers our new
> image size check. As the H5 and H3 share most of the DT, we can't just
> update the H3 DTs either.

Same case with me with USB PHY changes, better to check size by
disabling dts changes on H5/A64 if OK, then will move this to next.
Once FAT transition done we can take them back - this is what I'm
thinking as of now.
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