Thanks for the update, Tom.
I think those are all fair assertions.  Was Gaisler ever approached as a 
maintainer, or have they just been unable to keep up?  We will approach Gaisler 
again and find out what's going on with their side.  We certainly have a vested 
interest in it so I may be able to talk the powers-that-be into maintaining if 
Gaisler won't commit.


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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 07:28:14PM +0000, Travis Waters wrote:
> Hi All!
> For several years, my organization has built and maintained boards 
> SPARCH-architecture processors (specifically Gaisler's implementation 
> of the LEON3), and we have depended on u-boot as our primary 
> bootloader.  But when attempting to update u-boot this morning, we 
> were disappointed to find that the SPARC support was completely 
> removed last March with commits:
> 936478e797a87bcd4e002bf70430b6f58584b155
> 54f302f1197a490c2c4e3564c698ecd090d5013b
> What was the reasoning for completely removing support for SPARC?
> What will it take to get it back in?

It was removed due to a lack of active maintainers.  Last year when I removed 
it, I know a few people reached out to other groups in private to see if anyone 
wanted to maintain it, and no one stood up.  I would be happy to have SPARC 
re-introduced, so long as:
- It builds with a modern toolchain such as or
- It does not add anything to scripts/config_whitelist.txt
- Someone is going to be active in maintaining the port and doing the
  driver conversions to DM as they need to be done.
- A real nice bonus would be hooking up QEMU and Travis-CI and
  so that a basic level of functionality can be confirmed and tested
  every time.


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