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> Hey all,
> It's release day and v2018.03-rc2 is out.  The big thing is that
> there's some env related changes that need to be first sorted out and
> tested, then pulled in.
> Other than the env fixes, I hope to pull in some more Kconfig
> migrations.  These I hope will be size neutral, but I know that a few
> things aren't due to fixing underlying omissions.
> Things look on track f26th, -rc4 on March 5th and then release on
> March 12th.  Thanks all!

The patch: d695d6627803dbb78a226e04b0436a01633a9936
spl: eMMC/SD: Provide one __weak spl_boot_mode() function 

Has shown some issues with fallback boot on iMX boards (which use eMMC
raw boot, even with SPL_EXT_SUPPORT defined).

I'm looing for a proper solution - but hadn't find one yet.

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski


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