On 13.02.2018 13:44, Marek Vasut wrote:
On 02/13/2018 01:41 PM, Simon Goldschmidt wrote:
On 13.02.2018 13:37, Marek Vasut wrote:
On 02/13/2018 01:33 PM, Simon Goldschmidt wrote:
On 12.02.2018 15:54, Marek Vasut wrote:
On 02/12/2018 03:52 PM, Simon Goldschmidt wrote:
In arch/arm/Kconfig, ARCH_SOCFPGA currently selects some
thins for spi flash and mmc that are not required by the hw.
things ?

what hw, all supported boards you mean ?

Give users more freedom of choice and use imply here instead
of select.

This should allow disabling spi support completely or using
sd/mmc boot in "raw mode" (no partitions).
You can just turn them off in the defconfigs, but I get what you're
trying to say.

Just reword the commit message and do make savedefconfig for all the
socfpga platforms (in a separate patch) to sync the defconfigs up.
I've posted v2 today with reworded commit message. I also did make
savedefconfig, but nothing changed.
make savedefconfig generates a defconfig file in the root of the source
tree, you need to move it to configs/socfpga_foo_defconfig . Maybe
that's why ?
I know how savedefconfig works ;-)
OK! :)

What I wanted to say is nothing has changed. The defconfigs stay the
same for me. I made mrproper, socfpga_xyz_defconfig, savedefconfig and
copy defconfig configs/socfpga_xyz_defconfig, but all files staid the same.

After all, the default config remains the same, we only use imply
instead of select...
Perfect, then let's do V2 and be done with it. I don't see it in my
mailbox yet ...

Uhm, sorry, I renamed it "arm: socfpga: Kconfig cleanups" as Lukasz asked me to add his patch moving CONFIG_HW_WATCHDOG to Kconfig. Sent at 6:35 AM this morning :-)

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