On Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 12:56:39AM +0000, Andre Przywara wrote:
> This is an extended version of the EMAC DT binding update, this time
> including the full Linux DTs for all H3, H5 and A64 boards.
> Patch 01 should be merged *now*, to leave some hint in the README for
> the v2018.03 release. Without building ARM Trusted Firmware with DEBUG=0
> many H5 boards and the Pine64 can't be built successfully at the moment.
> The old v2 EMAC DT update series is in patches 02-08, it prepares U-Boot's
> EMAC driver for using the new DT binding used in Linux, also updates
> the DTs to the new EMAC DT node already.
> This time I added patches to sync the whole U-Boot DT files for the
> mentioned SoCs with those from Linux. However this first requires lifting
> the space limit we currently have due to the raw MMC environment.
> Patch 09 disables that for 64 bit sunxi boards, to give us finally some
> space. Patch 10 consequently reverts the disabling of features we saw a
> few weeks ago to migitate the size problem.
> Patches 11-20 then brings in the Linux DTs, split by SoCs, with the .dtsi
> files first, then the board files.
> Merging the H3 and H5 device tree files brings in significant changes,
> also to the structure of the .dtsi files. However U-Boot's own DT usage
> is pretty limited, so it doesn't matter.
> The huge benefit of syncing the DTs is that we can use U-Boot's DT copy
> to directly pass it to the kernel, avoiding to actually load a .dtb file
> from somewhere. To allows seamless and automatic UEFI booting, so
> distribution installer images should just work (TM).
> As a goodie the final patch brings in the actual SoPine + baseboard DT
> files, which we were completely missing so far.
> Please let me know if that looks good. I am happy to rearrange or squash
> patches, but I tried to avoid huge commits, for the sake of reviewability.

Apart from the comments on the two patches I already sent,
Acked-by: Maxime Ripard <maxime.rip...@bootlin.com>


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