> I am using Intel/Altera REF board: Arria 10 SoC development kit  part number  
> DK-SOC-10AS066S-A. I am using Altera/Intel tools to generate an uboot image 
> which include the devictree.dts and it is build with > mkpimage.
> Has anybody ported the Altera/Intel Arria 10Soc to the open source uboot and 
> able to build an uboot image using open source uboot and open source 
> toolchain?
> Thanks
> Claudio

Hello Claudio,

I tried it as well and failed. My personal guess is that Altera/Intel never 
pushed proper support into the official u-boot mainline.
Even there master-branch 
(https://github.com/altera-opensource/u-boot-socfpga/tree/master) does not 
work. For "just a user" it is very frustrating getting a new board abut have to 
use old software.
And it seems Intel does not care in providing documentation, up-to-date 
software or maintaining the released code.
For example if you look closer into the source code in the 
socfpga_v2014.10_arria10_bringup-branch there is a module called cff which 
loads the rbf-file in early release mode.
I could  not find anything similar in the latest branches(neither from denx not 
altera). Also the images generated from the latest releases generates not the 
proper format needed to boot from an Arria10.

So for my needs I used 
 which is the version used in the Altera/Intel tools
But changed it to my needs (loading rbf-file, kernel and devicetree from EXT, 
setting u-boot environment to my needs etc.) 
I compile everything with the toolchain from yocto V2.4. and so far it works 
My changes are made public here(https://github.com/nanosurf-ag/u-boot-socfpga) 
but this might still subject to change.

Hope this helps
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