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> From: Vikas MANOCHA
> Hi Patrick,
> On 03/05/2018 06:24 AM, Patrick Delaunay wrote:
> >
> > This patch-set adds initial support of STMicroelectronics STM32MP157
> I see patches for ram driver, armv7 generic, stm32f7  etc. in this patchset.
> Please split the stuff other than STM32MP1 support in separate patch/patchset.

Yes I push all the needed patches for the new arch in one Thread as it was done 
for other platform,

It is to explain why I modify each part and follow the dependency.

But I can split the patches in several patchset if it is more clear, if it is 
request requested by Tom Rini or by other reviewer.

1/ generic support update => separate patch for each impact

> >   spl: add SPL_RESET_SUPPORT
> >   common: add a prototype for mach_cpu_init()
> >   arm: armv7: solve issue for timer_rate_hz in arch timer

2/ stm32 driver update => on patch for each impact

> >   dm: gpio: Convert stm32f7 driver to livetree
> >   gpio: stm32f7_gpio: handle node ngpios
> >   stm32mp: stm32f7_i2c: use calloc instead of kmalloc

3/ on thread only for STM32MP157 support (arch, driver and board)
> >   tools/mkimage: add support for STM32 image format
> >   arm: stm32: add new architecture for STM32MP family
> >   ram: stm32mp1: add driver
> >   pmic: add stpmu1 support
> >   pinctrl: stm32: update pincontrol for stmp32mp157
> >   reset: stm32: adapt driver for stm32mp1
> >   clk: add driver for stm32mp1
> >   clk: stm32mp1: add clock tree initialization
> >   dts: add device tree for STM32MP157C-ED1 board
> >   board: st: add generic board for STM32MP1 family

> Cheers,
> Vikas

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