This is a series of patches to update the support of Armada 37xx devices.

  - patches 1-6 are cosmetic patches for the Armada 37xx comphy driver
  - the 7th patch adds support for USB3 on comphy lane 2, which needs indirect
    register access
  - patches 8-9 change USB3 phy initialization according to u-boot-marvell
  - the 10th patch adds support for nontrivial order of nodes in the pin
    selector register in comphy_mux (on Armada 37xx the first two lanes
    are switched in the selector register)
  - the 11th patch adds the mux support for Armada 37xx comphy driver
  - the 12th patch is a workaround for SGMII initialization, which needs to
    change the pin selector register temporarily (while resetting the phy)
  - the 13th patch changes defconfigs to enable Armada 37xx pinctrl driver
    by default and removes the board_early_init_f for those board, which
    contained a temporary solution to not having the pinctrl driver
  - the 14th patch add support for TBG and peripheral clocks on Armada 37xx
  - the 15th patch changes the Armada 37xx SPI driver to use the clock driver
  - the 16th patch adds support for clk dump command
  - the 17th patch fixed the pinctrl driver according to new revision of the
  - the 18th patch contains some more cosmetic fixes, this time for comphy_core
  - the 19th patch fixes a bug in the mvneta driver which can occur on invalid
    property name in device tree

Signed-off-by: Marek Behun <>

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