Hey all,

We're a day off schedule, but I wanted to see a final comment on one
last bug fix.  So, now, I've released v2018.03 and it's live on git and
FTP and ACD (along with the PGP sig file).

In terms of big new features, we now have limited support for
determining at run-time where the environment should be read from and
stored.  The biggest user of this is for Allwinner SoCs where you're
expected to migrate to having the environment stored as a file in FAT
instead of directly in the MMC device.  I'll let the custodians follow
up here with more details.

Another thing is that while I've said this for a few -rc releases, I'm
going to spell it out again here and now.  Boards and SoC families, etc,
that have been orphaned for more than a year should probably get
dropped.  I've contacted a few people off-list (which is why we've had a
few pickups of late) for things, but if you know someone that would be
interested in something, please speak up.

Thanks all!


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