Dear Sir/Madam,


We have developed an i.mx6dl board which is based on "MX6 Dual Lite SABRE AI 
CPU2 Card with AVB". I am using version u-boot-2018.01 with SPL.
I am downloading SPL and u-boot.img with USB loader; downloaded kernel and 
device tree files and run them in nfs tftp search over ethernet..

Then I programmed the SPI NOR flash with u-boot with spi read/write commands 
for both u-boot.imx/and u-boot.img images with offset value of 0x400 in Flash 
address, set boot pins accordingly, saw signals at clock, CS and Data pins of 
flash after reset, but never see a boot (character at terminal) for last few 

As I know, make command is generating code for SD card, and SPL code is waiting 
u-boot to be loaded from USB port. I searched many NXP/denx forums; i.mx6 linux 
kernel ref. Manuals for u-boot with SPL, I found NXP supports u-boot.imx 
images, but did not support SPL+u-boot.img.

So I would be very grateful, if any of you know which (and how) files, 
parameters (and/or make command) should be set for u-boot.img+SPL boot for SPI 
nor flash boot in u-boot 2018.1? Or give link to document(s), which explain the 
i.mx6dl SPL  and u-boot.img boot process for SPI nor flash (except i.mx6 ref 

Thanks and best regards.

Mehmet Ali Ipin
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