Hi Philipp,

On 04/08/2018 09:45 AM, Kever Yang wrote:
>>> +__weak int arch_cpu_init(void)
>>> +{
>>> +    return 0;
>>> +}
>>> +
>>> +__weak int rk_board_init_f(void)
>>> +{
>>> +    return 0;
>>> +}
>> This doesn't really help in modularising our board-support and I am
>> not a fan of adding something like 'rk_board_init_f' in the first place.
>> Instead this should be implemented in a way that actually makes the
>> code structure easier and more resilient for the future (having __weak
>> functions at the architecture-level doesn't really help)... in fact
>> the only other uses of __weak in the U-Boot source-base are within
>> SPL, as there's no other way to provide hooks there.
> I know your proposal is to use DM for board init, then could you make it
> more
> clear about how to handle this in your solution?
> We need to do:
> - same board init flow for all rockchip platform;
> - something different but common in soc level;
> - something different in board level;

I didn't see your response for this, could you send out your patches?

I admit that I'm not very clear about the limitation of '__weak' function,
but I do see there are many '__weak' function in common/board_f/r.c,
and my common board file is connect to the board_r.c.

@Simon, @Tom,
    Could you kindly give some comment here?

- Kever
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