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Could you describe what is you BOOT[4:0] configuration? And you want to
boot from MMC1, right?

If I read the BOOT[4:0] properly it is: 0011.
I want to boot from SD card.

Please provide these 5 pins (including 4 and 0) configuration.

Sorry for misprint - SYSBOOT[4:0] pins are as follows: 00011.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce this issue on my side with chiliboard.
It's hard to tell what could be the problem when using you board.
What RAM vendor is on chiliSOM you have on your board? Maybe there
DDR is not initialized with proper timing? Don't have other ideas for

If I identified properly the chip it is Samsung.

We had an issue with Samsung DDR on chiliSOM with one of our clients
and his board. We have used a workaround patch to sleep between
DDR initialization and copying u-boot.img to RAM. If there was no delay,
then RAM memory was in undefined behavior, resulting in very strange
runtime errors. We used u-boot 2014.07 back then.

However I see that commit 69b918b65d11 ("am33xx,ddr3: fix ddr3 sdram
configuration") already addresses this issue, but in a different way
than we did back then.

So I have no idea now what goes wrong in your case.

Marcin Niestroj
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