On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 12:31 PM, Bryan O'Donoghue
<bryan.odonog...@linaro.org> wrote:

> Bryan O'Donoghue (17):
>   imximage: Specify default IVT offset in IMX image
>   warp7: hab: Add a CSF location definition
>   warp7: hab: Set environment variable indicating HAB enable
>   warp7: defconfig: Enable OPTEE for WaRP7
>   warp7: Allocate specific region of memory to OPTEE
>   warp7: Print out the OPTEE DRAM region
>   warp7: Specify CONFIG_OPTEE_LOAD_ADDR
>   warp7: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_SECURE_BOOT
>   warp7: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_BOOTM_TEE
>   warp7: Make CONFIG_SYS_FDT_ADDR a define
>   warp7: Add Kconfig WARP7_ROOT_PART
>   warp7: select uuid partition based on rootpart
>   warp7: Define the name of a signed boot-script file
>   warp7: add warp7_auth_or_fail
>   warp7: hab: Set environment variable indicating IVT offset
>   warp7: defconfig: Enable CMD_SETEXPR
>   warp7: Add support for automated secure boot.scr verification

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