Hi There !

I'm seeing a strange problem with u-boot 2018.1 and Linux 4.14 (Xilinx
Petalinux 2018.1).
If I write a ubifs image to flash using Linux 4.9 I can mount and read
files from the image
in both u-boot 2018.1 and Linux 4.14. However as soon as I write a new
file to the file-system
from Linux, U-boot can no longer read the file. The filesystem still
mounts, but when
I attempt to read the file I get the following error

UBIFS error (ubi0:0 pid 0): read_block: bad data node (block 661, inode 5763)
        magic          0x6101831
        crc            0x8e6aff1a
        node_type      1 (data node)
        group_type     0 (no node group)
        sqnum          63819
        len            3075
        key            (5763, data, 661)
        size           4096
        compr_typ      1
        data size      3027
UBIFS error (ubi0:0 pid 0): do_readpage: cannot read page 661 of inode
5763, error -22

The file can still be read correctly from Linux, leading me to believe
there is some form
of incompatibility going on. I noticed that the ubifs version number
was bumped from 4 to 5
in this commit


Both Linux 4.9 and U-boot 18.1 still have version 4. Could that have
something do to with it ?

I'm running on a ZynqMP platform with Micron Flash (On-Die ECC)

Thanks in advance,

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