On 21:40-20180612, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> > I started respinning the series, while there is definitely a use of
> > implementing in u-boot,
> > I am starting to wonder if we should also be doing this in kernel.
> How does the kernel set the bit when the kernel is running in non-secure
> mode, when the ACTLR is read-only in that mode?

For OMAP5/DRA7 SMP systems, I just posted a patch that seems to resolve

This'd be similar in implementation to ARM erratum 801819 workaround
that needs two pieces (u-boot + kernel). I am not really worried about
OMAP5/DRA7 since they should'nt loose context in Low power modes.
Other SoCs need to be aware of the constraints.

/me wishes PSCI was a standard during ARMv7, but it was'nt... So
legacy v7 SoCs have implementations that are kind of different (even
smc calling conventions vary).

Nishanth Menon
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