Hi Simon,

I have looked at converting the rest of microblaze drivers to DM and I
am curious why I can't use top level compatible string in DM based drivers.
I am looking at ways how to move gpio and microblaze soft reset to
sysreset framework and I see that core is not able to find out my high
level xlnx,microblaze compatible string.

/ {
        #address-cells = <1>;
        #size-cells = <1>;
        compatible = "xlnx,microblaze";
        model = "Xilinx MicroBlaze";
        hard-reset-gpios = <&reset_gpio 0 1>;

As far I have seen only nodes are checked but unfortunately Microblaze
is using hard-reset-gpios in root for years and will be good to keep it
like that.

I have already tested to bind that driver from board file like
device_bind_driver(gd->dm_root, "microblaze_sysreset", "reset", NULL);
which is working fine but just asking if there is another solution for this.


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