On 9/12/19 5:23 PM, Sam Protsenko wrote:
Commit 8fa7f65dd02c ("configs: Remove am335x_boneblack_defconfig")
removes defconfig for BeagleBone Black board, and it's advised to use
am335x_evm_defconfig for all AM335x boards. But it's impossible to use
am335x_evm_defconfig in eMMC use-case without modifications for BBB
(NAND must be disabled, MMC enabled, etc). This is inconvenient for user
to do such modifications via menuconfig (only developer knows what
should be done). Furthermore, enabling MMC options in
am335x_evm_defconfig leads to wrong pin-muxing scheme in
board/ti/am335x/mux.c, because both NAND and MMC options are going to be
enabled in the config, so that pins are muxed for BBB with NAND cape,
which in turn leads to non-functioning eMMC. There is no way to make the
single defconfig working for both eMMC and NAND use-cases, because we
can't figure out in run-time which board configuration is used by user
(EVM, BBB, or BBB with NAND cape). Hence we rely on CONFIG options to
figure out which configuration is used. Because of this we can't use
single defconfig for AM335x EVM and BBB.

for the record: I booted my bbb with am335x_evm_defconfig without any config changes from emmc using master a few days ago just fine. It works just as well as booting from sd card.

That's with using distro boot, the legacy env cmds don't try to boot off emmc iirc.

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