On 03/12/2019 10.05, Claudius Heine wrote:
> On 03/12/2019 08.44, Claudius Heine wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> because we are moving the mailing list to a different server, we have to
>> take it down for hopefully only a few minutes.
>> The DNS entries need to be updated, so it might take a while until those
>> will stabilize.
> An update: We will also start sending mail over TLS only. That means
> that your smtp server needs to accept TLS connections.
> We will accept incoming unencrypted smtpd connections for now, but might
> disable that at some point as well.

If you received this mail, then the migration to the new server was

If you encounter any issues then please message me and I will try to
sort them out.

Have a nice day,

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