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Qu Wenruo <quwenruo.bt...@gmx.com> wrote:

> Sorry for the delayed reply. (Stupid filter setup).
> Currently most Uboot boards should use the same page size setup for its
> kernel, and most btrfs uses 4K sector size.
> So for Uboot it should be no problem.
> Although the best practice is to read the fs_info::sectorsize as David
> mentioned, but the code base doesn't allow us to do that yet.
> So I'm going to backport the read part code from btrfs-progs in the
> near-future, and completely solve it, making it sector size independent.
> Would this plan looks sound? Or we need to wait for the full
> re-implementation?
> Thanks,
> Qu

The situation is Linux is such that btrfs sectorsize must be same as
PAGE_SIZE, otherwise the Linux btrfs driver won't work. AFAIK there are
only few architectures where PAGE_SIZE is not 4 KiB. btrfs filesystems
created there cannot be mounted on systems with PAGE_SIZE = 4 KiB.

I don't know if U-Boot is used on non 4KiB PAGE_SIZE boards. If it is,
it should be solved, but I would check that before complicating the

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