On Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 10:51:48AM +0800, ub...@andestech.com wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Please pull some riscv updates:
> - sbi: Add newline to error message
> - fu540: dts: Correct reg size of otp and dmc nodes
> - Enhance reserved memory fixup about PMP information passed from OpenSbi
> - sifive: fu540: Add gpio-restart support
> - qemu: Add syscon reboot and poweroff support
> - qemu-riscv: Update QEMU run command
> - Assorted fixes related to reserved memory
> - fu540: enable all cache ways from U-Boot proper
> - use log functions in fdt_fixup

This changes a few MIPS and ARM platforms.  We're a few days away from
release, so I don't feel comfortable taking this right now as I assume
it hasn't been tested on the other platforms as well.  Sorry.


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