On Mon, Nov 15, 2010, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Do you have a working qemu setup and/or documentation how to run
> U-Boot on such an ARM config?

 Sometimes I do  ;-)

 I use either:
 * Ubuntu QEMU packages - qemu-kvm-extras package has qemu-system-arm;
   it's usually fairly old because it's built from the qemu-kvm
 * Linaro QEMU packages - currently the "qemu-maemo" package in this PPA
   provides the qemu-maemo-system-arm command; can be installed along
   qemu-kvm-extras; this has patches to support OMAP machines from the
   qemu-maemo/-meego projects, hence the name; in the future, this might
   be a qemu-linaro instead
 * upstream QEMU built from git

 While U-Boot supports integrator, versatile and vexpress, QEMU only
 supports the first two.

 I get varying success depending on the exact combination of emulated
 machine and version of QEMU.  Today, I tried the binary u-boot
 downloads from http://arm.com/community/software-enablement/linux.php
 (Linux OS Downloads tab) with with qemu-maemo
 0.0~20100921+871d996-0ubuntu1~linaro1 and qemu-kvm-extras

        machine: | realview-eb realview-pbx-a9 versatilepb
 QEMU:           |
 qemu-maemo      | partial[1]      works         works
 qemu-kvm-extras | partial[1]      works         crash[2]

 Unfortunately, these are not built from upstream u-boot sources; I
 tried building some ARM boards from upstream u-boot with v2010.09 and
 got these results:

        machine: | integratorcp versatilepb
 QEMU:           |
 qemu-maemo      |  crash[3]    partial[4]
 qemu-kvm-extras |  crash[3]    partial[4]

 So I'm afraid I couldn't find a fully working combination of U-Boot
 supported board + QEMU, but I didn't try QEMU tip; I'm Cc:ing Peter who
 cares for QEMU in Linaro, maybe he has more idea or is tempted to try a
 tip QEMU  :-)

 If you want to reproduce, run something like:
    qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -serial stdio \
        -kernel u-boot_bin_u-boot_versatilepb.axf
    qemu-system-arm -nographic -M versatilepb \
        -kernel u-boot_bin_u-boot_versatilepb.axf
 replace qemu-system-arm with qemu-maemo-system-arm if you use

 [1] crashes while initializing the NIC; qemu: hardware error:
     smc91c111_write: Bad reg 0:6
 [2] qemu: hardware error: arm_timer_write: Bad offset 101e1fe0
 [3] qemu: hardware error: pl011_write: Bad offset 14
 [4] crashes after detecting 0 Bytes of DRAM:
    DRAM:  0 Bytes
    qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0x34000000
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