It would depend on what the application was on the web server.  I'd think
about the security issues a bank has and how long it was before their
sessions "timeout" and require you to re-login.  Then you have the
consideration of how long a user might take to "complete" a transaction,
such as dating sites profile entry.  Nothing worse than getting just the
right profile descriptions, hitting NEXT and finding out I didn't type fast
enough for saving the page. (Just guessing about that one.  Honest!)  If you
can break up the entry (or whatever the action) into multiple stages, the
time would obviously be able to be shorter.  As to what the exact amount of
time would be, I'd find someone who hasn't seen your process, time them,
then probably double, or even triple, the time they need to complete the

Just some thoughts that come to mind.


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I had started to write a perl / uv integration modules for use with perl
(but could be anything else - php, ... ) whereas you
could OPEN files and READ / WRITE records and manipulate dynamic arrays.

Basically, I had a UV phantom (or not phantom - take your pick), which was
linked to a perl listener program via FIFOs/Seqential

The perl (or whatever)  programs would negotiate commands via the port,
which then the perl listener would pass off to the UV program.

It was originally designed so a website that was not local (but had perl
ability for a .cgi), could OPEN and READ/WRITE data to a UV Server.

If I needed to lock a record (READU), that wasn't a problem, but I needed to
come up with a time frame to allow that
record to be locked for, I initially chose 15 minutes (after which the UV
program would release the lock).

Given the issues of web traffic, where one might pull a record, then close a
browser, which unless you have some sort of AJAX
routine in the webpage which can alert the server that browser is no longer
open (maybe hitting an API every 5 seconds - once
you go 30 seconds without the API being registered - the server can consider
the browser page to be closed?)

So what is the thought on how long should one keep a record lock?

This doesn't have anything to do with physical programs that run from telnet
or so, where the system once it senses it's disconnect
would release all locks - which is not so easy to do with a web connection,
and one that is connected via port commands (essentially
an API in itself).

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