> From: Symeon Breen
> rec.checksum = checksum(rec)
> If checksum(tmp) = rec.checksum THEN

Symeon, there's no doubt that coding optimistically is easy, but
in addition to requiring a custom statebag you also need to
manage timeouts.  Wol and others have commented on some of the
nuances here.  Optimistic locking wouldn't magically be solved by
the existence of READUO.  In fact, I say "easy" because it's just
grunt work to implement, but in reality it's a completely
different coding paradigm from persistent, pessimistic coding.
With a full implementation, a READUO facility would eliminate the
statebag, manage timeouts, and help with the housekeeping
required for a real multi-user environment.  More than that, it
would standardize the mechanism for handling something that right
now every MV developer needs to re-invent on his/her own.

Now, with functions and/or CallSubs posted at pickwiki.com,
people in this community could collaborate to refine and
standardize optimistic programming techniques for everyone.  With
my cynical outlook on such things these days, I'll summarize as I
have been recently with...

As if...


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