RE Eclipse 

Just about every programmer i know has eclipse installed.
Just about every .net programmer i know uses VS for their development
Just about every Java programmer i know use IntelJ IDEA for their
Just about every php programmer i lknow uses a php specific ide - there are

In fact i don't know of any programmer who uses eclipse as their main dev
environment. Sure they all have it installed, and use it occasionally  if
they want to delve into some language or something that they don't normally
use, but they all feel it tries to cater for everybody, but in so doing ends
up being a horrible cludge and nowhere near as effective as the top domain
specific ide's

I don't think Brian, or anyone, is suggesting we use AE/ED, but there should
be some great plugins into some other IDE's out there - or even a better
domain specific IDE not based on eclipse.

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Hi Brian:

Microsoft now has a plug-in for Eclipse see  Eclipse just
released version 3.7 around June 22nd and they have had a million plus
downloads.  They released 62 projects with over 46 million lines of code

Eclipse is one of the premier IDE's out in the world.  Do want to teach
people to use ED/AE to create files, edit dictionaries, and edit code all in
that pretty wrapper called Telnet?  Or do you want to show them a MS based
editor that only does that?  Sorry, your free product does not cut the
mustard here.

We need to teach the young people coming into U2 world to use the finest
tool that allows continuous compiling, templates, outlines, bookmarks,
version control, copying and pasting data, listing files, and searching all
within a single IDE to name just a few functions.  Whether the Eclipse IDE
is from U2logic or Rocket Software there is no other tools on the market
that can compare feature to feature.

We know you can do all of the above with wrappers, amazing VOC items, and
scripts, but we must have time warped back to 1990's because we don't really
need to explain these to a newbie.  Those newbie's think we are just a bunch
of old men and old women.  We know we are the best so lets look like with
our state of the art tools.

"Version control for the rest of us using Eclipse"

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> > And get rid of Eclipse. It's horrible.
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