I agree with Bill, using an index is your best solution. Are you able to apply 
any kind of filter criteria to the names? If not here's one of your dilemmas... 
If you make your drop down list too small nobody will use it because it will 
take too long to get to anyone beyond the A's. If you make it too long it will 
be cumbersome to find someone on the page and the build time of the drop down 
list on the client side may be too slow. I strongly recommend, from experience, 
using something other than a dropdown list, even using a combo box list allows 
the user to provide some criteria to narrow the search.
Curt Stewart

Chris Austin <> wrote:

>I was curious if you had a quick example? I'm just curious how you guys are 
>suggesting to do this
>> Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:13:04 -0700
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>> Subject: Re: [U2] SELECT question, paginated select.
>> Chris:
>> I'm betting the solution also needs indexing, because you want to pick 
>> up where the last list left off and you don't want to wait for a select 
>> to return to save the list.  So, SAMPLE isn't really a solution but 
>> indexing is.  We do this all the time, but we have to use indexing.  In 
>> fact, we parse through a file with millions of records to get a page 
>> full of stuff and the pop-up list is instantaneous.
>> Secondly, I'm not sure a dropdown list is the appropriate choice for a 
>> thousand items.
>> HTH,
>> Bill
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>> *Date:* 7/20/2011 10:14 AM
>> *Subject:* [U2] SELECT question, paginated select.
>> > I'm working on a screen in our webapp where we're using a dojo widjet to 
>> > create a drop down with client names. The problem
>> > is that we have 1,000's of clients and when we do a SELECT on this many 
>> > clients it takes a while. I know we can index the field but
>> > I was wondering if you can do smart selecting in UniVerse.
>> >
>> > For example if I wanted to use this query:
>> >
>> > SELECT CLIENT WITH @ID = "A]" SAMPLE 10   (returns 10 clients starting 
>> > with the letter A).
>> >
>> > I want to paginate my drop down so the first query has the above data. The 
>> > problem I'm facing is that I don't know how to
>> > get the NEXT 10 clients? Is there  a way to do this?
>> >
>> > For example if I wanted to return the next 10 CLIENTS, without including 
>> > any of the first 10.
>> >
>> > Chris
>> >
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