In UD ($basictype 'p') - you get this message when you try to access the
zero element in an array. Eg:
DIM X(1)
X(0) = 'Hello world'

Usually, a variable isn't getting set...

With $basictype 'u' it puts the excess in (0) and this syntax works. In
$basictype 'p' it puts the data in the last element and the syntax results
in the error.

Colin Alfke
Calgary, Canada

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On 22/07/11 16:56, John Thompson wrote:
> Never seen that one...
> My initial thought is:
> Is there a program that has a dimensioned array, where the data that the
> program is trying to read in is larger than the array that was declared in
> the BASIC program?

The which situation is explicitly handled by (depending on flavour)
dumping the excess elements into either element 0, or the last element.

Actually, my reaction was very much along those lines. I don't know UD,
but could it be that an array was declared in a function compiled in
Pick mode, then that array was read into in Prime mode?

Unlikely, but it's possible ...

> On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:52 AM, Glorfield, Gordon <
>> Had a user get a message I've not seen before.  Message was: Index: 0 to
>> one dimension is out of range.  The system kicked the user to TCL after
>> message.  We are running UniData 7.2.4 on HP UX.
>> I went into the system but was unable to duplicate the error.  Has anyone
>> seen this message before and what causes it?
>> Thanks,
>> Gordon

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