On 26/07/11 20:56, Chris Austin wrote:
> George,
> I just rebuilt the indices on the CLINE table, then tried the LIKE using the 
> '...' as a wildcard, so I tried:
> and unfortunately that worked the exact same way as the [] wildcards, 
> returning 1 result.
> The approach I'm going to use is the one you suggested (to create an 
> I-descriptor to do an UPCASE(NAME) ) and
> then index that. The only part I'm not sure about is since this descriptor is 
> using the field NAME, should I also index

This imho is what should have been done right from the start. Bear in
mind, MCU as applied to a D-descriptor only affects WHAT YOU SEE. If you
index that field, is it going to index the *lower* *case* data in the
record (which imho it should) or the *upper* *case* version that you see?

The only way to be sure that U2 is doing what you want is to force the
data into the form you want before it gets indexed. And the only way to
be certain that's what's happening is to use an i-descriptor, not a
> I've indexed NAME already and seems to be working great, just not sure if 
> indexing NAME should be done for performance.
If you're not selecting on it, why bother?

> Chris
The alternative is to do a SELECT WITH EVAL "UPCASE(NAME)" ...

but given what appears to be happening for you at the moment, my mind
can't get round the myriad ways this doesn't seem to make sense ... :-)

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