In an inherited  legacy app, I have a few commands like

      LIST.1 = 1 
      LIST.2 = 2 
      LIST.3 = 3 
      LIST.4 = 4

        SELECT  F.ICC  to  LIST.2
        SELECT  F.ICC  to  LIST.3
        SELECT  F.ICC  to  LIST.4

And then LIST.2   LIST.3   and  LIST.4  show up in loops such as ...

         readnext CLASS.KEY from LIST.2 else EOP = 1 until EOP = 1 DO

         read R.ICC from F.ICC, CLASS.KEY else go Get.Next.Class.Key

The red warning marks on the right of the Rocket BDT IDE indicate... "expecting 
INTEGER, found LIST.2"
Notwithstanding the red warnings, the program compiles and runs ok.

When I try to encapsulate these commands with

        Execute " SELECT  F.ICC  to  LIST.2"

The red warnings go away... the program runs ok but, I get a SQL+ prompt after 
the report prints which can be resolved by just hitting <Enter>.

I do not want my end users to have to deal with (for them) an unusual SQL+ 

Suggested work-arounds to make the SQL+ prompt go away would be appreciated.

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