Actually, Universe ships a telnet for Window but not *nix.  The reason, 
according to U2 support, is that *nix provides telnet and Windows does not.

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Universe ships with its own secure telnet daemon for *nix running telnet over 
ssl (uvtelnetd). That's what you need to configure.


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Another thing to think about is that by default most Linux distro's heavily 
restrict telnet.

My first question would be, are your Universe users using telnet or ssh?

If they are using ssh only, then I doubt a telnet system is even installed on 
the Linux machine.

If they are using telnet, you might try checking the following files to see if 
there are any security restrictions set:

One place might be /etc/hosts.allow AND /etc/hosts.deny Here is a random blog 
entry on tcpwrappers (One package that can restrict telnet access)

I think also many linux distro's use xinetd (instead of inetd) to run their 
telnet daemon.

So, there may be some restrictions there also.
I think the config file is called:

>From a root prompt... do a:
find / -name xinetd.conf

Other than that, I've never done a .NET telnet connection, but, I have worked 
with configuring telnet on Linux.

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 8:49 PM, Tom Whitmore <> wrote:

> Thank you everyone.  I'll let you know how things progress this week.
> Tom
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> Tom
> I don't know what '.NET TELNET tool' you refer to - but I wrote a 
> customized terminal emulator in .NET for a client that makes a 
> connection Telnet/SSL connection to UniVerse on Solaris and tested fine on 
> Linux.
> For the server configuration and details on setting up the secure 
> telnet daemon take a look at my blog (you can get to it from my website).
> As far as the client is concerned, I can't give too much away as I 
> don't own it - it was funded by a customer - but I can probably share 
> the following if you're tempted to roll your own!
> 1. for the low level connection I use a SecureTCPClient that wraps an 
> SslStream - here are the salient pieces:
> public delegate void SecureConnectionResultsCallback(object sender, 
> SecureConnectionResults args);
>    public delegate void ReceivedDataEvent( object sender, string data);
>    public delegate void ReceiveErrorEvent( object sender );
>    public class SecureTcpState
>    {

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