Have you confirmed if it is a reporting problem or a data capture problem?
I.e. is that the "uname -Fa" is still producing the full output, but the 
RedBack environment does not return the entire result?
You could try "uname -Fa|tee /tmp/uname.redback.$$" to capture what is being 
output and compare it to the result RedBack is reporting.

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We have a client who found "uname -Fa" on AIX 5.3 doesn't return
the unique system ID value when run through Redback.  Suggestions
are welcome about how to get the whole value.  For example:

>From the command line and UO the result from 'uname -Fa' is:
AIX hostname 3 5 ttttccsssssp ttttmmmccsssss

>From a Redback connection that 'longnid' value is missing:
AIX hostname 3 5 ttttccsssssp

See the following page for details about how uname has changed in

Rocket has not been able to identify the cause.  I guess they
don't have access to IBM resources anymore. ;)  It's my current
guess that Redback is running in 32bit mode and that the longnid
may only be generated for 64bit applications, but I can't test

This is important for my purposes as uname is used as a component
of the security mechanism to lock NebulaXLite and other software
to a single system.  I don't care what the value is, but I need
it to be reported consistently.  For now I'm issuing a
site-specific version of the software so they can move forward,
but I'd like to understand the problem.


Tony Gravagno
Nebula Research and Development
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