I'm running on Universe 10.3.4 on AIX 5.3 on a PICK flavor account.

I ran into some really weird behavior with a CASE statement this morning, or
at least what I deem to be strange.

I won't post the entire program... yet....

Basically I have some boolean variables that get set earlier in the program
to the following values.

exact_alpha1_found    = @FALSE
partial_alpha1s_found = @TRUE
partial_names_found   = @TRUE

Then the CASE statement does its checks...

CASE exact_alpha1_found
...do something...
CASE (partial_alpha1s_found AND partial_names_found)
...do something...
CASE partial_names_found
...do something...

However, the CASE partial_names_found never executes.  It fails!!!

Is it only allowed to check these once, and thats it?

In the debugger the value of partial_names_found is still a 1, even after
the check fails.

John Thompson
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