Ugh... I wish I did.

I will say one thing.  In my experience with virtualization, it is a brave
new world...
and way more complex than the salesmen make it out to be.

I don't know what type of hypervisor that Cisco is using, but, I suspect you
are having issues with the performance of the virtualized network interface,
and the virtual disk.

Some thoughts though:

1) If you are using a SAN (which I think netapp is), make sure that the
virtual disk that your UV machine is living on, is on its own VLAN.  Don't
share the traffic with anything else- period.

Are you using SSD's or SAS drives?
If SSD's are in the mix, be aware that MV data files and apps (because of
the hashed filesystem) are very random read and random write intensive.
 They behave differently from a mqsql, or oracle.  Some SSD's don't like
random writes.    And of course our furry friends at Cisco and Netapp
probably have never tested with a MV database.

So if its SSD's, you might try just putting it on regular SAS drives and see
what happens.

Is it Fibre, ISCSI, NFS?

You might even try using NFS if netapp supports it.  I have heard of folks
having better performance with NFS over ISCSI with certain SAN's.  Of
course, this is a shot in the dark, and both protocols have a myriad of
configuration options.

2) Try and put the virtual nic (that the users are using to ssh to for a uv
session) on its own VLAN and separate that traffic too.

The more you can separate and organize all of these virtual nics, disks, the
better off you will be.

Thats all I've got...

On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Adam Taylor <> wrote:

> All,
> We recently upgraded and virtualized our UniVerse servers to UV 11.1 64-bit
> on a Cisco UCS B Series platform with a NetApp 3040A/A Filer.  Going to
> 64-bit with an upgrade in the virtualized environment, we expected to see a
> noticeable (if not significant) increase in performance than we were
> achieving on our old physical 32-bit server.  However, not only has
> performance not notably increased, we are having random slowdowns in various
> areas of the system that were not occurring before.  I say random, because
> while it does seem to affect certain areas more, it is not consistent.
> Some examples of behavior that has changed since the virtualization:
> An SB screen that has some calculated fields on it will take a minute to
> load, but the next time it loads it loads in just a couple seconds for the
> same record.
> An ASP webpage with 10+ queries against different files (heavy-duty
> processes) using Web DE to connect will takes 5-6 minutes to load that was
> only taking a minute before.
> Randomly, saving a change in the SBClient screen designer on our Dev
> environment will hang for 20-30 seconds. (Same virtualized specs, but far
> less traffic due to being a dev environment.)
> Simply initiating a telnet session, sometimes it will be 10-15 seconds
> before the login prompt appears to enter username and password.
> Does anyone out there have any experience with any of these pieces (UV 11.1
> 64-bit, Cisco UCS, NetApp Filer) that could shed some light on why we are
> now seeing these performance issues?
> Thanks.
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