Have you checked different performance stats?

What does avgqu-sz look like?  It should be low (ideally less than 1).
 If it tends to spike (over 10 when using a 1 second interval), do the
spikes correlate to the times that you're waiting for user response?
That would indicate that the SAN is unable to keep up with user

Do the performance metrics suggest any other bottlenecks?  You may
need to run the metrics on both the vm and the underlying os.


On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Adam Taylor <> wrote:
> We recently upgraded and virtualized our UniVerse servers to UV 11.1 64-bit 
> on a Cisco UCS B Series platform with a NetApp 3040A/A Filer.  Going to 
> 64-bit with an upgrade in the virtualized environment, we expected to see a 
> noticeable (if not significant) increase in performance than we were 
> achieving on our old physical 32-bit server.  However, not only has 
> performance not notably increased, we are having random slowdowns in various 
> areas of the system that were not occurring before.  I say random, because 
> while it does seem to affect certain areas more, it is not consistent.
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