Karl - your original request said:
"How can I create the correct header?"

My mental response was "stop bothering with CallHTTP and use
cURL".  I refrained from posting that because of the inevitable
retribution from people who prefer to bang their heads against
flaky software rather than just looking outside of the box for a
"real" solution.  (<<< oh he is sooo asking for it...)

But now that you've moved from CallHTTP to sockets. Mein Gott,
Mann! Nein Nein! Tun Sie nicht das!  Sockets are much lower-level
than what you need to do HTTP calls.

If you have a good solution to your problem, OK, sockets are
great for doing many things.  And it's nice if you found free
code that does exactly what you need.  But if you don't actually
need complex software at that level, then for maintainability
later, you should consider a higher-level solution.  Well, that's
my opinion anyway - use the right tools for the job, and all

Viel Erfolg!

> From: Karl-Heinz Winter
> The second example shows how to do a request with 
> are posting the data without any change.
> I tried it and the webserver response ist OK!

>> When creating it with "setRequestHeader" or with 
>> "addRequestParamete" I will receive the error 415 
>> (Unsupported media type) from the server. How can I 
>> create the correct header?

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