Hi Will,

You should be able to connect to a UV machine anywhere on planet earth using mvDeveloper.

It sounds to me like you are missing the UODOTNET library, which needs to be on your local machine in order to expedite the connection to the server.

One way to get this on your machine is to download the UniVerse Clients software package from the Rocket Website and install the UniDK, which will show as one of the items to install on the installation screen.


After you have installed this you should find the UODOTNET in the following folder on your C: drive:


Then I am presuming your connection from mvDeveloper to any UV database, irrelevant of location or OS should work.


Am 01.09.2011 21:44, schrieb Wjhonson:
I like Brian that you have a Windows installer for your software, which it did 
seemlessly, it was beautiful -- it made me cry.

And I like that it's only 5 Meg.  But my host is a remote system, not local.  
The first thing your software does is complain that it can't find Uniobjects.  
Should it be able to find it over a network connection?  Or does this only work 
with locally installed Universe systems.


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Let alone one, whose sole purpose for us (U2) is to highlight code.
Well a good program editor - like mvDeveloper (grin) or Doug's U2 Editor -
oes a lot more than just highlight.
It's about ease of navigation and assisting developers to work faster and
ore efficiently. Doug and I have taken different routes to that - Doug's
ditor is arguably more powerful, mine is arguably lighter - but where they
oth score over general editors is in understanding the code they are
ealing with.
That manifests in all kinds of ways. In mvDeveloper, for example, you can
ight click to open a called subroutine or include file, can jump to a label
n a program, can quickly navigate a program by label (Ctl-U move to
revious label, Ctl-D down to the next label), can comment in and out (even
or PROC), can perform a quick conversion on an internal date and time, can
dit associated multivalues in a grid, pull up keyword help ..
In short, lots of things that are specific to the platform and to the people
ho use it.

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