Oops, I should have used a calculator 9670 should have been 11,200

On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 2:36 PM, Doug Averch <dave...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Mecki:
> Let us say, for example, that you can produce 60 lines of debugged code per
> hour.  You cost the company $60.00 per hour including benefits.  So the cost
> of each line of code is $1.00. You will produce in theory (160/hrs*60)  9600
> lines of code per month for a cost of $9600.00.
> This amazing tool from U2logic comes along and you produce a extra 10 lines
> of code per hour.  You will produce in theory 160/hrs*70) 9670 line of code
> for the same cost of 9600.00 saving the company $70.00.  So the $49.00 you
> pay U2logic, pays for itself in about a month in this scenario. This math
> works if you productivity is only increase by one line per hour.  You only
> have to have 49 programming hours in this Eclipse based tool to pay for it,
> or about a week and two days.
> We use this tool everyday and so does many U2 programmers throughout the
> world.  We know I'm more productive than I was using any of my former tools:
> VI, or EMACS, or Notepad, or AE, or ED.  If you are not a programmer, then
> this, or any tool, as limited value.  But for the rest of us and our boss,
> they want us productive and our code clean.
> After being at Fortune 1000 companies and showing our software
> applications, we would not dare to show anyone how we have to edit program
> using the built-in editors in Unidata and Universe.  Before we developed our
> Eclipse based editor, every CIO or CTO or CEO or just middle management
> asked us all of the time: Is this a DOS tool?  Of course not we would answer
> and not get the sale!
> Regards,
> Doug
> www.u2logic.com/tools.html
> "XLr8Editor for real U2 programmers"
> On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 1:28 AM, Mecki Foerthmann <mec...@gmx.net> wrote:
>> Doug,
>> How does my company save money if they have to buy and pay an annual
>> license fee for an editor?
>> They might as well ban going to the toilet or making and drinking coffee
>> during working hours.
>> I probably could be even more productive if the company would pay ME more
>> and not you.
>> I can understand that it must be frustrating for you having spent a lot of
>> time developing a piece of software that nobody wants to buy.
>> But threatening that we will all loose our jobs and be replaced by 25 year
>> old kids with no clue if we don't convince our boss to buy your tool won't
>> change that.
>> Writing code is time wise the least of my daily tasks.
>> And I guess like me most of us here are analysts first and coders last.
>> Mecki
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