Your scenario may work for the classical programmer who just types in code that somebody else has written on paper all day, but who actually does this these days?
Certainly not me!
And it is not the number of lines of code you can type in a certain amount of time, it is the quality of the code and even more the logic that counts. So unless your expensive tool can improve that, I wouldn't waste money on it!

And your story about CEOs of fortune 1000 companies being interested in the editor you use to write code?
You can tell that to somebody who puts on a hat with a hammer but not me.


On 01/09/2011 21:36, Doug Averch wrote:
Hi Mecki:

Let us say, for example, that you can produce 60 lines of debugged code per
hour.  You cost the company $60.00 per hour including benefits.  So the cost
of each line of code is $1.00. You will produce in theory (160/hrs*60)  9600
lines of code per month for a cost of $9600.00.

This amazing tool from U2logic comes along and you produce a extra 10 lines
of code per hour.  You will produce in theory 160/hrs*70) 9670 line of code
for the same cost of 9600.00 saving the company $70.00.  So the $49.00 you
pay U2logic, pays for itself in about a month in this scenario. This math
works if you productivity is only increase by one line per hour.  You only
have to have 49 programming hours in this Eclipse based tool to pay for it,
or about a week and two days.

We use this tool everyday and so does many U2 programmers throughout the
world.  We know I'm more productive than I was using any of my former tools:
VI, or EMACS, or Notepad, or AE, or ED.  If you are not a programmer, then
this, or any tool, as limited value.  But for the rest of us and our boss,
they want us productive and our code clean.

After being at Fortune 1000 companies and showing our software applications,
we would not dare to show anyone how we have to edit program using the
built-in editors in Unidata and Universe.  Before we developed our Eclipse
based editor, every CIO or CTO or CEO or just middle management asked us all
of the time: Is this a DOS tool?  Of course not we would answer and not get
the sale!

"XLr8Editor for real U2 programmers"

On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 1:28 AM, Mecki Foerthmann<>  wrote:

How does my company save money if they have to buy and pay an annual
license fee for an editor?
They might as well ban going to the toilet or making and drinking coffee
during working hours.
I probably could be even more productive if the company would pay ME more
and not you.

I can understand that it must be frustrating for you having spent a lot of
time developing a piece of software that nobody wants to buy.
But threatening that we will all loose our jobs and be replaced by 25 year
old kids with no clue if we don't convince our boss to buy your tool won't
change that.
Writing code is time wise the least of my daily tasks.
And I guess like me most of us here are analysts first and coders last.

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