Just don't do what one of my old bosses did (he was having trouble with SB+
holding locks) - he found one of our main processes and put in "RELEASE".
Our system relied heavily on pessimistic locking so this caused quite a bit
of data loss. Of course, I was the one that had to clean it all up (he
didn't like the names I called him after that one). Of course, this was the
same genius that taught an entire site to use <ctrl>q to stop their PC's
from beeping... but didn't bother to explain that you shouldn't reboot and
try the same thing again.

Good luck


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From: Kevin King

We do suspect it is from a custom BASIC subroutine, recently installed.  So
knowing the file we're looking back through any code that was compiled
within the past 2 weeks and manually searching for READU's that don't WRITE,
DELETE, or RELEASE.  Sure would be nice if the lock table would report the
line of code that set the lock.  Just sayin'.

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