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Subject: Re: [U2] Free Software for DataBasic

If anyone does have code samples (other than games!) of how to achieve 
pecific tasks that they would like to share, please do so at the U2UG 
ebsite: by following the wiki link.
This is your resource provided to you by the U2UG Board for everything 
2 related. Please use it and contribute to it, as it will only be 
ctive if you do contribute to it.
Kind regards
lenn Sallis

m 08.09.2011 17:21, schrieb DavidJMurray (
 Over the last weekend, I noticed that the (the common mv code
 website) does not have any games programmes.

 I can remember playing the star-trek and adventure games on a Ultimate (or
 Altos I think), many years ago.

 Does anyone have any remnant or complete code that they can (legally) and
 would be willing to contribute to


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