Both Sequoia and Stratus licensed Pick OA to sell on their fault-tolerant 
systems and ran with it in different directions. Sequoia ran a little farther 
:) Sequoia ran their pick on top of their proprietary TOPIX operating system 
and Stratus ran theirs on top of their VOS os. Sequoia eventually sold to GA 
but Stratus abandoned their pick around 1995 and started selling their 
fault-tolerant hardware with HP/UX and universe.

Pick 64 was a native pick from Alpha Microsystems. Sequoia may have bought 
it--I don't know. There was a Sequoia Pro product. 

The first time I heard the mvEnterprise name was in 1997. At that point GA had 
rebranded Sequoia (now running on AIX) as mvEnterprise, and the ADDS Mentor 
successor running on windows nt as mvBase, and Pick 64 as mvPro. I think the 
mvBase name may have existed before GA bought the database from Sun River (who 
bought ADDS from NCR I think, and kept the terminal business but didn't want 
the database). The rebranding didn't include their Power95 database (also 
running on AIX) and I had the impression that they were phasing it out (though 
there are still power95 users out there).

GA also has a hardware line named mv.ES (Enterprise Server)

On Sep 9, 2011, at 4:44 PM, Wjhonson wrote:

> Here it is.  Sequoia ran Open Architecture from Pick Systems.
> They heavily modified it.  I think they did, or at least TRIED to market 
> something called Pick 64 under their own license, or some kind of sub sub 
> license scheme to other vendors.
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