I have no idea why the U2 products don't have this capability; then these things would run every time U2 starts! Instead, we have to futz around with the O/S and if we restart U2, without restarting the O/S, then these things have to be manually started. I've gotten used to the idea that if I want to restart U2 I have to restart the O/S. :-(

I've submitted this to U2 on several occasions, but I think it's one of those D3 things that is anathema to U2 engineers. :-)


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Back in the olden times, we used to stuff things into WarmStart to make them 
start at boot time.

Where do I stick them in Universe to make them start when Universe starts?
I'd *prefer* a place that is Universe generic (will work the same under *nix or 

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