The easy answer is to pretend you're doing this from a web page,
where the MP in LAMP is MySQL and PHP.  From there you have a
world full of answers rather than something U2-specific.  Note
that most shared hosts don't have a MySQL DBMS on the same system
as the HTTP servers.  They almost Always separate MySQL to a
different box for queries, so examples for how to do this are

So write a small PHP script that does what you need, copy/paste
from examples if required.  Then invoke the script with a simple
"SH" or "!" to execute the script, passing in params.  Capture
the result with an Execute Capturing clause, or have the script
write data to a directory which you reference as a type 1 or type

That's it.  This one is fairly easy - just think outside of the
MV box.


From: Manu Fernandes
> From Universe/linux, I'll execute a mySQL sql phrase. 
> mySQL is installed on a remote server.
> - What is the mysql-client to be installed beside 
> Universe ?
> - How to execute a sql-phrase from UV/BASIC 
> ? and capture the result !?

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