Hi Eric:

At the U2 University meeting in 2009, one FAST user told me they paid
$40,000.00.  Yes, that is 40k for FAST.  The pricing was based on the number
of users the had on their machine.  Obviously, they had a lot of users.

In today's world if you are paying Oracle pricing for this tool from written
in the 80's with a VBA Client Server interface.  There web site is talks
about Windows NT/2000.  Windows NT support stopped in 2004.

Come on, let's use a tool made for this century.  No wonder no understands
U2 outside of our world. You guys and gals are extolling to virtues of a
company that has not even updated their web site in 7 years.

Try XLr8Resizer plug-in for Eclipse on a trial basis for FREE, or pay
U2logic only $99.00 per year.  Save you and your company thousands and
thousands of dollars.  This tool is state of the art.  We update all of our
tools every 3 to 4 weeks with enhancements and fixes.

"U2 Tools for the rest of us"
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