Apparently.  But you're not required to use a tiny font, you can also scroll in 
the normal font.
Also many sites, like the one I'm at have dual screens.... I wonder if I can 
stretch Accuterm across two screens?

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240 characters? Do we really hate our users that much?
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ccuterm 2K2 allows 240 chars for width.

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e have a large application that runs in Dynamic Connect... and needs more in
e way of columns.
C is limited to approx. 132 characters.  I believe that wIntegrate (when in
xt mode) is the same.  We need maybe five times that.
hile I have almost concluded that this app needs to be re-written in GUI...
fore punting... are there any other angles worth consider... such as AccuTerm
 some other text-based terminal emulator.
s there a way to do this in DC or wIntegrate?
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