Yeah right, if you can get it to connect.

On 24/10/2011 22:20, David Jordan wrote:
The cost is a fraction of Cognos and DataVu provides more development 
functionality.  You also don't have the cost of adding an SQL Server database 
and work to copy from UniData to the SQL Server that you would normally do with 
a Cognos environment.   There is a development license and web based licenses 
for users to access the reports.

I am not experienced with MITS, but from my knowledge MITS first role is to 
develop a data warehouse and then has reporting facility against the 
datawarehouse.  It may not be the right tool if you are not building a data 
warehouse, however I may not be correct in that assessment.

DataVu is a tool that allows users to develop visual dashboards and reports 
from working data rather than data warehouse database like Cognos depends on.  
However it would make life easier to probably set up a separate account that 
you put reporting data into.

The product is not so much a matter of learning how to use, but about getting 
your head around how to use it which is no different to other products.

DataVu provides flexibility to achieve functionality at a low cost.  It 
resolves a problem that most sites have of giving users more access to querying 
data themselves.

David Jordan

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Does anyone have solid experience with this product yet?  I am particularly 
interested in the license costs for a Unidata environment and some sense of 
what development efforts are required and the quality of the results, 
especially when compared with Cognos or MITS or the others in the 
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