I've usually only used it where I expect one user to be accessing the file
at a time anyway. However, it should (mine does on UD 7.1.6) compile. You
are using an "END" before the next THEN or ELSE - that might do it.

Colin Alfke
Calgary, Canada

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From: Al DeWitt

Unidata 7.1.20 ECLTYPE P

Whenever I try to include the LOCKED option in the OPENSEQ statement my
test program does not compile.  If I leave it out it does compile.

When two users run this program one executes the OPENSEQ command and the
other appears hung...no message, nothing.  When the first user closes
the file the second user continues on.

Since LOCKED appeared to allow me to tell the other users that the file
is locked and not to give up hope what do you folks do to get around
this dilemma?



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