For a couple of the fields, I've done this, but for most of them, there are no 
range of counts. Oh well.

The only other method I'll use for some of the other fields is storing them 
with a delimiter (very Pick like)
  And have the application split the data, instead of splitting it in the 


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Whenever the fields are related (an association) the related fields can all 
make a single table.  The only other thing you can do is to "explode" the 
single values to match the multivalues, but with different multivalue counts, 
you wind up with lots of null values.  To make it really useful, I'm not aware 
of any other simple options.  Relational databases really work best with 
normalized data...

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I was looking more for ideas on how to setup the database structure to handle 
the 1:n other than the  Sidebar tables joined to the master table.

Right now, the scope of the data being moved off is fairly small, I didn't want 
to involve any other apps
  The querying app would be custom in itself (most likely php or something)

Just this one file we are moving contains about 20 different multivalued 
fields, and it seemed a little Overkill to have to create 21 tables to contain 
the data in a form MySQL can handle. I guess that what Happens when you've been 
raised on multivalue database structure, and are forced to work with one that 
Does not handle it natively!

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