In order to save connection time on Uniobjects API requests, I came up with an 
Api which could contain several XML requests into one,  Process each one in the 
requested order and return the answer of each request in the resulting XML 

On Universe 10.2.11,  the API runs anywhere from 10 to 50 requests in a batch 
like this taking no more than between 45 and 59 megs of ram on a HP-UX server.

Starting with Universe 11.1.3, doing far fewer requests  (ei from 5 to 9) the 
memory requirements go up as high as 100 to 122 megs of Ram on a HP-UX.  
Somewhere it looks like Universe's XML generation routines are gobbling up 
memory and this memory is not getting freed.     It seems that many memory 
leaks were fixed from 10.2.1 to 11.1.3 according to the release notes but a 
huge new one was introduced.  

I know of the memory used by the process because I have a job which produce the 
output of the "top" command once a minute,  so the memory used by a process 
extracted from the output of the top command and logged.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this ?

Jacques G.
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